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  • Urine Separation - how does it work?

    By diverting the urine away from your composting toilet, you reduce the smell to almost zero meaning that you can have your toilet closer to your living space. It also gives the option to collect the urine in a tank to be used as fertiliser. 

    Read more about compost toilets here - https://humanurehandbook.com/

    There are 3 variations of the urine separation unit.  They all have a 19mm outlet which connects easily to a standard alkathene pipe.

    One version fits into a cutout on a 20 litre bucket as shown in Pictures 1&2

    One uses a separate bracket to connect it to the underside of the toilet seat or box.  This can be removed easily from the bracket if necessary. - Picture 3

    The other can be connected to the front of the toilet box or used as a stand alone urinal when screwed to a fence or wall.  This is a unisex urinal so it can be positioned to suit both male and female - Picture 4

    The final picture shows a simple box setup to contain the 20L bucket 

    To purchase a unit, visit my shop page where you can buy online using paypal or contact me for special rates for multiple orders


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